10 Things..

A brief list of what's going on in my life/ random thoughts/ whatever else I can think of:

1. Currently listening to: Where You Gonna Go by The Clash

2. Wearing: black tank and sweats - which will basically be my outfit every day until exams are over. Ugh I always become such a mess as soon as the stress hits me; my room looks like a disaster area right now.

3. I just pulled an all-nighter because I had my chem final yesterday (1 down; 2 to go!), and my sleeping pattern was all screwed up due to my last minute cram session. Hopefully I'll be able to stay awake until a reasonable hour before falling asleep.

4. Don't you ever wish that humans could go days without feeling tired? Don't get me wrong, I love my sleep, but sometimes I feel like I could save so much time if I could somehow not sleep...Buuut I've learned time and time again that going without sleep is not a good idea; the day after always SUCKS regardless of how many cups of coffee I drink and I have the lowest tolerance for tiredness...and hunger. I'm a simple girl with simple needs, give me food and a good book and I'll be content for the rest of my life. :) At least, I think so...

5. You know what the problem is with college dorm rooms? The beds are right next to the desk, so as soon as you feel the slightest bit tired, your beds right there! It's very counterproductive during exam time.

6. Visiting people's fashion blogs this morning has made me really feel the pain of being a broke university student. I have a grand total of 7 bucks right now! Thank God I still have a lot of money on my meal plan, otherwise I'd be starving! My only consolation comes from the fact that school will be over in 2 weeks...WooooooO!!!!!!!!

7. I'm feeling really tired right now despite the fact that I've only been up for 11 hours. I really hope I can be somewhat productive today and prepare for my upcoming philosophy exam. Gotta read Nietzsche today!

8. I didn't say anything about this in the earlier posts, but I've been phoneless for about 2 weeks. I left my phone charger at home when I went back for the weekend, and I don't know anyone that has an LG Keybo...like seriously, I haven't seen ANYONE with the same phone as me, except for Blair on Gossip Girl haha. I guess that's a good thing...at least I don't have an issue of "conforming to the masses" and getting an iphone or a Blackberry - although I would loove to get a Blackberry! It seems so convenient to carry around your entire life in your purse! Well anyways, I'm getting my charger back today...FINALLY!!

9. I'm starving. I really miss my mom's cooking right now...I think that's what I miss most about home actually aha, oh and I miss my brothers too~

10. Now listening to: If You Seek Amy by Britney Spears. I was so surprised when I heard that 'if you seek amy' was supposed to sound like 'f - u - c - k - me', I had absolutely no idea!

Anywhoo, I'm off to clean up the aftermath of my hectic cramming session! Hope everyone has an awesome, productive day!

Laugh always!



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