Summer Lovin'~

It was late afternoon. The refreshing summer breeze made the leaves sing and made her hair dance around her face. Then suddenly, there was stillness as the branches abruptly stopped swaying in the wind and she was surrounded by silence.

The sun's slanted rays beated down on her back as she lied peacefully, writing in her beloved notebook.

The sky was a deep blue - so blue that it was almost purple, if that makes sense in any way. The sounds of the neighbourhod did little to disturb this moment of tranquility in her backyard (even though construction workers had begun hammering nails quite loudly a few houses down).

She took a deep breath - savouring the sweet smell of grass mixed with the earthy scent that always comes with summer - and then exhaled with a content expression on her face.

No responsibilities. No obligations. Nothing mattered except that she was alive that day in order to enjoy such a delightful summer afternoon in utter solitude and quiescence.

Out of the corner of the eye, she spotted a little spider inching towards her menacingly.

Eep! She hated spiders.

And with that, she tore herself away from this rare moment of peace in her hectic life, and walked slowly back towards the house. Glancing back at the streams of golden sunlight washing over the porch with an expression of intense longing - she sighed.

Back to reality.