Summer, Oh How I Love Summer~

Well...technically it's spring, but school's out for good 'til September...YESS!!

As of right now, my summer break is still on the drawing board. I want this summer to be productive and memorable, unlike many past summers, which mostly consisted of me lazing around in the sun all day (which is very enjoyable, but not very productive or memorable).

Other plans I have for this summer include:

- getting a job (part-time, volunteer, or possibly both, depending on what happens)
- finally getting my Bronze Cross and NLS
- getting my G2 driver's license
- like crazy - I have to make up for the shopping drought I had to endure during the school year
- losing the weight I gained over the past 8 months
- possibly join an Ultimate Frisbee league...
- learning how to play Surrender by Billy Talent on the guitar lol
- reviewing school work (fun, I know...)
- visit a foreign country...doesn't matter where, just not in Canada/U.S.!

Hopefully, I'll be able to fulfill all of these goals and plans this summer!

Anywhoo I gotta go be productive lol

Laugh Always!

- Kim*R


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