Inspiration for Spring!!

Summer Lovin'~

It was late afternoon. The refreshing summer breeze made the leaves sing and made her hair dance around her face. Then suddenly, there was stillness as the branches abruptly stopped swaying in the wind and she was surrounded by silence.

The sun's slanted rays beated down on her back as she lied peacefully, writing in her beloved notebook.

The sky was a deep blue - so blue that it was almost purple, if that makes sense in any way. The sounds of the neighbourhod did little to disturb this moment of tranquility in her backyard (even though construction workers had begun hammering nails quite loudly a few houses down).

She took a deep breath - savouring the sweet smell of grass mixed with the earthy scent that always comes with summer - and then exhaled with a content expression on her face.

No responsibilities. No obligations. Nothing mattered except that she was alive that day in order to enjoy such a delightful summer afternoon in utter solitude and quiescence.

Out of the corner of the eye, she spotted a little spider inching towards her menacingly.

Eep! She hated spiders.

And with that, she tore herself away from this rare moment of peace in her hectic life, and walked slowly back towards the house. Glancing back at the streams of golden sunlight washing over the porch with an expression of intense longing - she sighed.

Back to reality.

Passionfruit. and Other Passions.

How do people find their passions? Is it through the process of continuously doing something that you enjoy? Or does it just suddenly come smack you in the face?

To be honest, the people that I envy most are those that know what their passions are and sacrifice everything in order to pursue these passions.

Personally, I don't believe I have found such a passion. I've always dabbled in things but never really fell in love with doing something enough to commit myself to it. I've danced, swam, done gymnastics, skateboarded, snowboarded, played the piano, trombone, and guitar, as well as sewed, cross-stitched, drew, and took photographs, and SOO many more things that I can't think of at the moment. But the thing is, I always stick with one thing up to a certain point before I get bored and move on to the next thing. Of course, I still do some of these things, but I would not say they are my passions.

Looking at other blogs (ie. KARLA'S CLOSET, authorblog, or Thumbelina), I see people who are able to convey their passions, in things such as art, writing, photography, and fashion. I envy them VERY much! Sometimes I wish someone would just come up to me and tell me what my passion is, just to make things easier. But of course, life does not work out that way. And I'm sure that one day I'll look back and be glad that I'd experienced so many things in order to find my passion in life.

But I guess I might be using this as an excuse for me not being able to truly excel in something? Perhaps I'm too scatter-brained, undecided, or maybe I'm just trying to be good at too many things at once? But whenever I see people who excel in doing something they love because they've dedicated their time and energy for their passions, I'm just like dayumm I wish I had that!

I've been thinking about what I want this blog to be do I want it to be a fashion blog? A photography blog? A narrative-type of blog?

Honestly, I have no clue. I'll probably end up doing a little bit of everything, since that's just what I do. But mostly, this blog is for my thoughts and inspirations, questions and answers, and other ideas that may be floating about in my head.

Anyways, talking about passions makes me think of passionfruit. I don't think I've ever tried passionfruit before, but from the looks of it, it kind of looks like a cross between a fig and a papaya, and I don't like either of those fruits very much...

Why are passionfruit called passionfruit anyways?? Hm..

Oh, and here's a song that I've been totally obsessed with the past couple days!


(Laugh Always!)


..what a BAD day~!

I received my grades for the past semester, and they were HORRIBLE...well they weren't horrible, but they were much worse than I had expected them to be and my grades from first semester were actually incredibly HORRIBLE so my cumulative average came out to be a very low B. :'(

I have no idea how I am going to be accepted into med school with these grades. I really have to step up my all aspects. But just the thought of having to do exceptionally well in everything I do for the next 3 years is absolutely TERRIFYING! It just puts so much pressure on every little thing I do, I don't know how I'm going to enjoy the next 3 years of uni...But then "you have to do things you don't enjoy in order to get to do things you do enjoy," as my mother would say.

Well, I really hope everyone else is having a better day than I am, because today was pretty depressing. PLUS I feel like I'm gaining weight, even though I'm eating less, AND I just finished washing like a MASSIVE mountain of dirty dishes, which didn't make me feel any better.

GAHH..this is a depressing post, I should just probably put you out of your misery and stop ranting.

Anyways, hope you laugh always! I know that most of you are aware that laughter makes your day a hella better, but supposedly, even faking laughter can make you feel up to 20% better on bad days. So, I'm thinking I'm gonna check it out, I'll let you know if it actually works in the next post! ;)

..My parents are going to think I'm a freak when they hear me going off like a hyena in my room by myself...but then, they already think I'm pretty strange :/ Lol

<3 Kim*R

Summer, Oh How I Love Summer~

Well...technically it's spring, but school's out for good 'til September...YESS!!

As of right now, my summer break is still on the drawing board. I want this summer to be productive and memorable, unlike many past summers, which mostly consisted of me lazing around in the sun all day (which is very enjoyable, but not very productive or memorable).

Other plans I have for this summer include:

- getting a job (part-time, volunteer, or possibly both, depending on what happens)
- finally getting my Bronze Cross and NLS
- getting my G2 driver's license
- like crazy - I have to make up for the shopping drought I had to endure during the school year
- losing the weight I gained over the past 8 months
- possibly join an Ultimate Frisbee league...
- learning how to play Surrender by Billy Talent on the guitar lol
- reviewing school work (fun, I know...)
- visit a foreign country...doesn't matter where, just not in Canada/U.S.!

Hopefully, I'll be able to fulfill all of these goals and plans this summer!

Anywhoo I gotta go be productive lol

Laugh Always!

- Kim*R

10 Things..

A brief list of what's going on in my life/ random thoughts/ whatever else I can think of:

1. Currently listening to: Where You Gonna Go by The Clash

2. Wearing: black tank and sweats - which will basically be my outfit every day until exams are over. Ugh I always become such a mess as soon as the stress hits me; my room looks like a disaster area right now.

3. I just pulled an all-nighter because I had my chem final yesterday (1 down; 2 to go!), and my sleeping pattern was all screwed up due to my last minute cram session. Hopefully I'll be able to stay awake until a reasonable hour before falling asleep.

4. Don't you ever wish that humans could go days without feeling tired? Don't get me wrong, I love my sleep, but sometimes I feel like I could save so much time if I could somehow not sleep...Buuut I've learned time and time again that going without sleep is not a good idea; the day after always SUCKS regardless of how many cups of coffee I drink and I have the lowest tolerance for tiredness...and hunger. I'm a simple girl with simple needs, give me food and a good book and I'll be content for the rest of my life. :) At least, I think so...

5. You know what the problem is with college dorm rooms? The beds are right next to the desk, so as soon as you feel the slightest bit tired, your beds right there! It's very counterproductive during exam time.

6. Visiting people's fashion blogs this morning has made me really feel the pain of being a broke university student. I have a grand total of 7 bucks right now! Thank God I still have a lot of money on my meal plan, otherwise I'd be starving! My only consolation comes from the fact that school will be over in 2 weeks...WooooooO!!!!!!!!

7. I'm feeling really tired right now despite the fact that I've only been up for 11 hours. I really hope I can be somewhat productive today and prepare for my upcoming philosophy exam. Gotta read Nietzsche today!

8. I didn't say anything about this in the earlier posts, but I've been phoneless for about 2 weeks. I left my phone charger at home when I went back for the weekend, and I don't know anyone that has an LG seriously, I haven't seen ANYONE with the same phone as me, except for Blair on Gossip Girl haha. I guess that's a good least I don't have an issue of "conforming to the masses" and getting an iphone or a Blackberry - although I would loove to get a Blackberry! It seems so convenient to carry around your entire life in your purse! Well anyways, I'm getting my charger back today...FINALLY!!

9. I'm starving. I really miss my mom's cooking right now...I think that's what I miss most about home actually aha, oh and I miss my brothers too~

10. Now listening to: If You Seek Amy by Britney Spears. I was so surprised when I heard that 'if you seek amy' was supposed to sound like 'f - u - c - k - me', I had absolutely no idea!

Anywhoo, I'm off to clean up the aftermath of my hectic cramming session! Hope everyone has an awesome, productive day!

Laugh always!


"Holding Back" - Elimination of Tahlia from ANTM

So I was watching episode 7 of ANTM just now, and while I was praying to God that Tahlia would be sent home this episode, it dawned on me that she reminded me of myself. :/

It's weird because I find her to be the most FRUSTRATING person I have ever watched on ANTM and I don't understand how the hell she made it so far in the competition! She's constantly saying that she has to bring it, but she never does. I think she has too little confidence in herself, and I also think she's too lazy to push herself harder to get outside of her little shell. It really pisses me off because she knows her flaws, wants to fix them, but doesn't!

The reason she reminds me of myself is because I too know my flaws (and I should, seeing how much time I spend analyzing myself and my plethora of flaws) and I know what needs to be fixed, but I never seem to be able to DO anything about them! Like right now, I know that I should be studying like crazy for my Chem exam that's coming up in TWO FREAKIN' DAYS, but instead, I'm watching America's Next Top Model and then blogging about it! I'm seriously hopeless...

What she said after her elimination (FINALLY!) was the following, "I held back in this competition, and I think that's what killed me in the end, but at the same time, it's who I am."

Like, what the hell?! It's like her downfall is also a source of her consolation, which is really twisted. I don't think that I resemble that at all (I hope not!). But on second thought, I think I do actually pride myself in knowing that it's me that is holding myself back, and that if I choose to, I can succeed in anything I do. Deep down I know that overcoming myself and my tendency to procrastinate will be one of my greatest obstacles, yet I still pride myself on simply knowing this fact, even if I don't actually do anything about it.

Thus, I have made a decision:

If I do ever fail at something, I will always learn from my mistakes and not be complacent with "who I may be" at that time. I will always strive to be better and never become stagnant.

It really makes me frustrated to see that a person who resembles me is someone that I would not be proud to be like AT ALL. My only consolation comes from the fact that I am NOT Tahlia, that I CAN change, and I will NOT be complacent with who I am, and hopefully this will make me become a better person that who I am now!

On that note, I should probably go and start studying for my exam! :)

Laugh Always,